Encuentro de los mares


Microalgae in the ocean: the key to quality maritime food

Ocean warming is having an effect on the production of microalgae in oceans, reducing levels and impairing their quality. This talk will demonstrate to us how important it is to reverse the process.

The ocean’s photosynthetic primary producers are dominated by microalgae, microscopic organisms which form part of the plankton population accounting for a biomass of less than 1% of terrestrial trees. Their contribution to biosphere production, however, is similar to that of terrestrial vegetation, thanks to their extremely rapid growth rate. 

This small microalgae biomass forms the basis of the marine trophic chain, so that small plankton organisms, tuna fish and large whales all depend on the production of microalgae. Their importance, nevertheless, not only lies in levels of production, but also in the quality of the products they pass on to the marine food chain to which we, as human beings, are connected – specifically, all those substances we associate with the benefits of marine foodstuffs to human health such as omega-3, iodine and other beneficial molecules and substances.