Encuentro de los mares


Galician and Andalusian seaweed-tasting

Sponsored by Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, junto con la marca Alimentos de España

Seaweed is now found in the pantries of many chefs. It has multiple possibilities, and this algae-tasting session will teach us about tastes, textures etc.

The Orient has a head start of many years on us. This is true. But algae are no longer exotic fare we look askance at. The West has also embraced seaweed as a gastronomic item too. It forms part of many culinary proposals, and algae cultivation is now commonplace, as demonstrated by Porto Muiños in Galicia and Suralgas in Andalusia. 

This seaweed-tasting session will show us the infinite gastronomic options of the product, and its nuances of taste, texture and the multiple nutrients it can contribute to our diet.