Encuentro de los mares


The invasive seaweed species Rugulopteryx okamurae. Captain Nemo’s ‘tabasco’?

Gastronomy may be the way to control seaweed plagues. This talk will show us how.

The talk in the first part will address the biology of the brown seaweed Rugulopteryx okamurae, which began its invasion of large sections of the Nature Park in the Strait of Gibraltar five years ago, and is now spreading towards the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, substantially altering the balance of the ecosystem. The talk will focus on the causes and consequences of this unprecedented biological invasion in recent years, its recent addition to the Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Exotic Species, and all this entails. 

The second part will produce a gastronomic preparation with this algae to demonstrate its culinary potential as a stimulant of trigeminal sensations.