Encuentro de los mares


Amazonia, the unknown sea

Sustainable fishing, a key factor for the Amazon reserve and for gastronomy too.

The “paiche” fish (Arapaima gigas) was exploited irrationally for years in the Peruvian Amazon, and this depleted wild populations and threatened the very survival of a vulnerable species.

Now, Despensa Amazónica (a non-profitmaking organisation created to coordinate research work in Amazonia by chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino) works alongside 32 artisan fishermen in the Pacaya Samiria Nature Reserve’s Yarima swamp to help broaden sales of the product at higher prices to boost the earnings of the fishermen.

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino has produced an innovative cuisine featuring the well-stocked and highly nutritious larder of the Peruvian jungle, in a bid to secure a sustainable balance for the region.