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Oceans 2050. Cultivation of carbon in seaweed

Oceans 2050 devises strategies to address the most urgent problems facing our oceans, and seek efficient solutions.

One of the solutions it is working on to guarantee the future not only of our oceans but also that of the entire planet is the cultivation of carbon in seaweed to help restore the climate.

The vast majority of solutions for the climate crisis have focused on land, while the ocean has absorbed 25% of the carbon emitted since the Industrial Revolution, and it is suffering the consequences. At the same time, however, the ocean may play an important role in restoring climate through the creation of carbon by means of algae cultivation. 

Oceans 2050 seeks to implement a change of scale in algae aquaculture, creating the necessary conditions for millions of people all over the world to become marine farmers. This means that algae aquaculture could sequester gigatons of CO2, assist in restoring the abundance of the ocean, and create a new socially fair blue economy to help feed and energise the world in a regenerative process.