Encuentro de los mares


CTAQUA services and projects

With its multidisciplinary team, the Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Centre assists the maritime sector in a number of services and projects with which those attending the congress will be familiar.

The CTAQUA visit will begin with a tour of its facilities, which have a number of test units and labs, specially designed for the multiple functions that may be required by the sector. In all these facilities, staff at the centre will demonstrate the various projects already carried out and those ongoing, in relation to the various lines of work: Food and Nutrition (work on biomass crop cultivation), New Species (crop alternatives), Animal Welfare and Health (experimentation and servicing of immunostimulants, probiotics etc.), Applied Engineering (optimisation of devices used in cultivation processes), Upgrading and Marketing and Environment (for example, making use of the renewable energies applied).

Its portfolio of services seeks to boost innovation in the Aquaculture and Sea Foodstuffs sectors, by carrying out activities to increase their competitiveness. It also includes a number of transversal services to promote the transfer and application of research and knowledge.