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Seaweed entrepreneur


Consuelo Guerra

Managing Director of Suralgas

Consuelo Guerra runs her seaweed business in the Cádiz estuary making sure that the whole production process until her products reach the best restaurants is sustainable and safeguards the long-term conservation of the ecosystems she works in.

Born in Seville and now based in Cádiz, entrepreneur Consuelo Guerra started selling the bays’ seaweed with three friends (“the seaweed crackpots”, they were dubbed) as she was finishing her BSc in Marine Science at the university of Cádiz. “It was my brother, a cook, who back in 2007 was working with Sergi Arola at La Broche in Madrid. He would get seaweed and seaweed extracts delivered and he would ask me about their chemistry and biology to understand how to use them in cooking better.

”This is how her idea of a business, Algas en la Gastronomía (“Seaweed in Gastronomy”) came about and she entered the first edition of the atrEBT innovative business awards’ call for applications. She won and started a Cádiz-based seaweed harvesting, processing and sale company for the food industry. Then Suralgas came and opened a new market.

Today, Guerra has made a name for herself as a seaweed specialist with another company where she develops a range of food products made from the seaweed found in the Cadiz estuary. With Suralgas, she pursues her dream of supplying “one of the few completely natural foods that fortunately hasn’t been genetically, chemically or biologically modified yet and that has many health benefits.

”Suralgas exclusively sells 100% natural, premium products made using sustainable production methods (e.g. manual harvesting and comprehensive exploitation) from an environmental, financial and health point of view. 

Consuelo Guerra