Encuentro de los mares



Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

Chef at ámaZ, (Lima, Perú)

Schiaffino revitalises and enhances traditional Peruvian cooking by turning it into haute cuisine.

After training as a chef in the USA and Italy, when Pedro Miguel Schiaffino returned to his native Peru he realised that traditional Peruvian cooking and products from Amazonia provided such a wide range of possibilities that he began to research and recover flavours and textures. 

When he opened his Malabar restaurant, he included a lot of these items in his menu but as time went by he realised that this wasn’t enough. He needed a restaurant that was totally devoted to studying products from Amazonia, to understand the foundations of its cuisine, to disseminate its culture, to convey how import ant it was and to preserve its existence. The result was ámaZ (2012).

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino