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José Lucas Pérez Lloréns

Professor of the Biology Department, University of Cádiz

On several occasions his scientific projects have brought him up close and personal with gastronomy and the potential applications of algae in this field.

The gift of a biology set from his grandmother when he was small aroused his passion for this branch of knowledge, and he eventually graduated in Biology from the University of Málaga. He has had professional links to the University of Cádiz since the 90s, and was appointed member of the Spanish committee attached to LOICZ (Land Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone), one of the main IGBP (International Geosphere Biosphere Programme) projects run by the ICSU (International Council Scientific Unions), and head researcher of the EDEA group (Structure and Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems), which forms part of the Andalusian Research Plan (PAI).

He has led and taken part in a large number of domestic and European research projects, and has frequently explained and showcased the properties of seaweed and its projection in the world of gastronomy. Along with some of his colleagues, he is the co-author of the book “¿Las algas se comen? Un Periplo por la Biología, la Historia, las Curiosidades y la Gastronomía”. (Can seaweed be eaten? A voyage through biology, history, curiosities and gastronomy").

On several occasions he has also been associated with research conducted by Ángel León – into marine eelgrass, for example, known as the cereal of the sea.

José Lucas Pérez Lloréns